Some key Takeaways to Enhance your Resume

Don’t make a lengthy Resume:
Don’t give long job description with experience explanation. Do a proper Formatting your so that your resume won’t have any white space around the words. This would provide a clear picture of your resume so that any busy recruiter or professional would be able to understand what has been written.Avoid the use of hanging words.By keeping the white spaces at right places you will increase the readability of the text.

Make Use of Bullet Points
Resume Building Exercise can be made much more affluent if you use bullet points which would encourage you to mention certain key highlights of your resume which will be the data highlights.
Keep the matter concise along with your information and highlight important details which are required for that position.You should also mention details of your past employer if any.

Be Specific:
Mention with a usage of keywords the type of work you did for your organization. Clearly, specify the qualification which you have completed and in which dominant stream. Also, use acronyms and use similar formats which can be accepted by all kinds of software so that it can be read efficiently.

Spell check should be continuously done
Avoid spelling Mistake and typos in a resume.Use Spellchecker software program where you make sure you eliminate your mistakes can make your resume look good. The resume should be proofread exhaustively for being listed as a right profile

Use easy font which is readable
While creating your own resume follow the basics.First set a proper layout.Break the resume into appropriate sections inside the layout, the font should be readable to an optimal size.A good quality of paper should be used to print the resume